Working full-time in social services, raising a blended family of six wonderful children, and enjoying being a newlywed leaves little time for ME. That’s not selfish to want time for yourself.  I found a few things that uplift my spirit, provide an outlet for my emotions and build my self-confidence. At 37 years old, I didn’t believe I could do anything I wanted if I just put my mind to it. In June of 2016, we moved into our new home and I had a brilliant idea to paint and design my own projects. It took one very simple and easy painting to make my face light up. The pride my husband took in my painting made me want to create more. I have been painting for almost 6 months now. I created a group on Facebook, started an Etsy shop, and soliciting people into trusting me to create art for their home. Before I knew it, I was taking custom orders, selling pieces I already created, and getting referrals. It has been a journey and a wild experience. I didn’t even know I could paint! I’m embracing the talent and using it as an outlet for my crazy life.  I’m hoping to create more art for others, demonstrate to people everywhere you can follow your passions and still live your daily life. My blogs will document how in the world I can manage to paint with my ADHD and how I use my creativity for healing myself from the past trauma all while managing a hectic life. Please enjoy my blogs, as some will be funny, some will make you cry, some will touch your heart and other blogs will be my place to vent. I hope you will leave comments, share your stories and support my passion!