Why is asking for help so hard?


Hello fellow bloggers! It has been a while since I have had the chance to blog. I am catching up on everyone’s recent blogs and I find them very encouraging! I was in a place where I needed help, but it was so difficult for me to ask for it. I asked others about this, and the response across the board was that they didn’t know HOW to ask or WHAT to ask. I recently had to reach out to a resource to ask for help. Afterwards, I felt better. I know that someone will listen and help me find a way to make things in my life a little easier to manage. I have attached a link to an article that explains why is it is hard to ask for help.


Can anyone give advice on ways to ask for help? How can we ask for help and still keep our pride?










Assessing PTSD

Although some children who experience traumatic events are resilient, many others develop symptoms that can be profound and have a long-lasting negative impact on their daily functioning, health, and safety.

In researching treatment options and to understand trauma in children and adolescents, I found a book that presents a systematic treatment approach for this vulnerable population of young people and their families.


It sells for $40.66 on http://www.amazon.com


5 Questions For My Readers

  1. Is anyone using their blog to sell items? I am a painter and want to get my paintings noticed and people to show interest in buying. Any suggestions?
  2. Are there any podcasts or resources for blogging that have been helpful to you that would benefit me?
  3. What’s the best way promote your blog on other social media sites?
  4. What attracted you to my blog to make you want to follow it? It would provide me more information on what content to focus on?
  5. Has anyone tried WIX and if so, what are the benefits or downfalls to using it?

These questions will be helpful to me. I know it takes time to respond. However, if I have these questions, someone else may have them as well. I am a lover of learning and want to gain all the knowledge I can from other bloggers who may have learned through trial and error.

I appreciate your feedback and time! Happy Wednesday!