Where Did My Therapist Go?

Everyone knows, in social services, the turnover rate is high. I find it difficult to work with youth because they have had so many therapists. They start opening up, the tell their story, they feel connected, and then before you know it, you’re being informed your therapist is leaving. It is common problem dealing with social service agencies. Unfortunately, the population I work with doesn’t have the type of insurance to pay for a private therapist. I have known youth to go through three therapists in a year. How could anyone benefit from therapy with that type of history? I always hear, ” I don’t want to tell my story over again and again.” I’m  with you kid. I don’t blame you. It feels like abandonment; someone else knows your story. Is my story safe?

I have encouraged youth and their parents to find out where the therapist is going. Follow the therapist. Usually, they are moving to another social service agency. It may be a struggle because you will have to find another case manager and psychiatrist, but, you have your therapist. Clients usually wait until there is a replacement. The youth could be waiting for months. It is perfectly fine for you to ask the therapist, other staff at the agency, or ask other youth about that information. If you have connected with this individual and want to continue progressing, follow the therapist. Take control of your mental health and stay connected. Don’t be left asking the front desk staff, “Where did my therapist go?”





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