Why I Decided to Blog

You know, I started to write a book a while ago. I had to take a break because it brought up memories and thoughts I haven’t thought about for years. I never realized how many events from my past still had a hold on me. I have been to therapy and talked to friends, unfortunately, I guess it wasn’t productive. Then I found art. Art can be anything we want it to be. When I was younger I wrote poems, lyrics, short stories about my life and drew some pictures. They are still in a box shoved in my closet to this day.

Painting, however, gave me a rush, a feeling of peace and I became comfortable with being alone. Me and my thoughts, a canvas, some paint and an idea. I enjoy getting up at 3 a.m. by myself and going downstairs, playing some music and creating art. I believe it has become my therapy. THIS is a therapy I  could understand and I never left crying.

So, yeah, I started a blog. I want to first give awareness to therapy and how it can change your life. YOU create your own therapy. Secondly, I’m hoping showing my art will inspire others to use creativity as an outlet. Lastly, my blog will provide insight into the importance of therapy, ART, in my life. I have proven I can take the dark in my life and turn it into light. I love letting my light shine!

Find your light! Let it Shine! Merry Christmas!

I'd Love Your Thoughts!

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