6 Ways to Deal With Stress

  • Step away from the situation/Leave work at work.
  • Repeat positive affirmations and use positive self-talk throughout the day
  • Do an activity you enjoy and relaxes you.
  • Talk with someone you trust.
  • Take a hot bath while listening to music.
  • Say “no.”

There are many ways to deal with stress in everyday life. If we don’t deal with our stressors  we become bogged down and start feeling helpless. We keep hiding from the difficult things and never get to the core of the issue. It’s hard and uncomfortable, but, you have to face your issues head on and move forward. Life is difficult and it seems to be more challenging as we get older. But, as we get older, we can learn how to walk away from stress and difficult situations. It is healthy for you to have boundaries. Others may see boundaries as being mean or disconnected. Having boundaries is essential for your mental health. The biggest issue today is people don’t say “no.” They pile too much on their plate. You have to have boundaries, tell people no, and be selfish. Everyday shouldn’t be a struggle.

Don’t you wish you could feel happy most of the day? Wouldn’t it be wonderful if you took 20 minutes for yourself everyday? Life is supposed to be about balance. We can’t be everyone to everybody. Stress has a major impact on your health and can lead to depression. What activity relaxes you? What are some positive affirmations you say each day? How do you deal with stress?  What are some changes you can start today to make your life less stressful?

I’m looking forward to hearing your responses!


3 thoughts on “6 Ways to Deal With Stress

  1. Hey nice job with this post! Don’t forget about text justify alignments. Anyway, I used to meditate, I need to get back to it. I also have been working out much more. As we speak I am listening to music which helps. I also try to use CBT, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy to be mindful of my thoughts and controlling how they affect my actions. CBT is teaching me how to look at situations, examine the facts, then see whether my thoughts and emotions about that situation are accurate and how to proceed with that information.


  2. Great post and ideas to help deal with stress!

    I am still working on leaving work at work, something my boyfriend constantly tells me to do haha but he’s right. I try to do at least one activity I enjoy a day, listening to music and baths are a big stress reliever for me. Cup of tea with netflix or a game is also something I do a lot.


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